Matching Artwork To Brown Color Schemes.

Brown is an excellent background color to enhance your chosen artwork. Use the color as a feature-wall and choose artwork to either compliment or contrast the brown wall color.

What Color Matches Well With Brown?

  • Classic Navy Blue
  • French Navy Blue
  • Grays

Dark browns work well when paired with blues in the darker ranges, as well as mid to dark grays. The lighter the brown color, the lighter the blues and grays should be to compliment each other. For example coffee colored browns match well with paler slate blue.

What Is The Contrast Color For Brown?

  • Gold
  • Cream
  • Reds
  • Pinks
  • Oranges
  • Greens
  • Turquoise

Whilst brown contains red and green in it's makeup, the colors listed above and including red and green contrast well with browns. Turquoise is technically blue and green from both complimentary and contrasting color lists but, as it is such a bold color I would put it in the contrast color list. Gold and creams are excellent colors to use, as they will work very well with any shade of brown.

Ways To Decorate A Brown-Wall Bedroom.

When deciding what colors to use in a brown colored room, first decide if you want it to be a calming space or a rich color scheme space. It is a simple idea to use pictures with frames on a brown wall, to give the wall color some context and definition as the color can be either pale or rich. Having either gold, cream or white frames will create this definition. The content of the artwork can contain many colors, using the lists above, to give either a calming or rich, vibrant aspect to the room scheme.



By keeping within the rules of how to use complimentary and contrasting colors with brown, it really is all for the taking and time to have fun creating your space.

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