So what makes Smooja digital art unique?

So what is Smooja all about, where did it start? Well, I've been mad on all things art and interior design for as long as I can remember.

I do have a Diploma in interior design, which I studied when I was at home with my first baby, working until midnight to get my assignments in!

Creating the right space and environment for your home, even if it's just a corner, is important and changes the way you enjoy your home for the better.
However, it's not always that easy and especially if you're not confident or sure of how your chosen space actually works.

The items I have in my spaces are a mix of complimentary and contrast but not lots of pieces, as cluttered spaces detract from your enjoyment. Focal pieces
are the best to build around and I like mine to be as individual and unique as possible. It's important to create a space that's about you. Your story if you like.
I don't think there's anything wrong in buying a ready designed scheme from home outlets but, if you're like me and you need to be individual then that's just
not an option. It can get frustrating because it can take so much more effort and time to find the right elements for your room. To be fair most spaces take time,
sometimes years to build but to have a big impact and therefore a quicker reward, get the focal pieces first.

Enter Smooja, it's all about our unique algorithms!
Our art is an affordable way to introduce that focal point into your space.
That's because the collections available are so different to anything you will find in a shop. Whilst the posters are available to anyone, as a small business, you won't find our products being mass produced and so you are not likely to see your purchase in someone elses home. Making your art feel exclusive!

In the future we will be introducing limited edition canvasses, which bring further exclusivity for those that want to have that.

But how is Smooja digital art unique, I hear you ask???

In short, when the coding for our algorithms are created it tells the computer program what it can and can't do..after that, this is the really exciting part, it starts to randomly create images.

A bit like throwing a stick for your dog and telling it to fetch, your dog knows how to fetch but that stick has changed into something new and doggo brings that back.

As each image is made it creates a 'seed' and it's that seed that is used to print from. Now, only the designer holds that code 'seed' and can print from that but you can't use the code and hit the run button and get the same image. It goes back to the dog analogy again and again.

Other Smooja product lines are going to be introduced using our algorithm designs, so you can create a truly unique and fun space. Below is a brief list of products coming along, with others to be added:

  • Perspex prints on wall mounts
  • Ceramics
  • Rugs and throws




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