What Poster Should I Get For My Room?

When people decide to decorate a room, they sometimes ask what poster they should get for their room. This can be a difficult question to answer depending on your style and taste and the current decor in the room you are looking to put a poster in.

The poster that you should get for your room would be something that is an appropriate size and also match or contrast the color scheme in the room. For a bedroom choose something with lighter colours or theme and for a sitting room choose something that contrasts with your scheme to really stand out.

There are many types of art you can choose from:

What Posters Should I Get For My Dorm Room?

When choosing which art you should get for your dorm room you should consider a relaxing theme with softer colours and not too bright or too much contrast. You will want to use something that would inspire relaxing sleep, so something that will ease you into sleep gently would be a great choice.

How Can I Put Posters In My Room?

Once you have chosen the poster that you want in your room you will need to consider how to hang the poster. Although a cheap and easy method would be to use an adhesive such as blu-tak to hang your poster, it is not recommended as this could damage both your wall or your poster.

Instead use a modern frame or floating acrylic poster frame which can be sourced from your local hardware store. These will present your poster art in the best possible way.

Also consider that you may need to drill into the wall to fix your poster correctly - in the cases where this is not possible, there are adhesive frame strips and other solutions that can be removed without damaging the wall.

What Should I Put On My Wall In My Room?

This is your chance to put some of your own personality into your room or living space. Choose something thought provoking or unusual to be a conversation piece for example, or maybe you have a favorite painting that you can place on your wall to admire over many years.

The choices are endless, but we would recommend a poster. These can be relatively inexpensive and will brighten up your place like magic. As they are affordable, you can easily afford to have a pair to have a complete look.


Placing posters in your room can be a great way of introducing new colors and themes into your room. Choose something of an appropriate size so it doesn't get lost or dominate the space. A bedroom will suite more calming colours while a sitting room or kitchen will look best with bright or contrasting colors.

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