What Type Of Paintings Should Be In My Living Room?

It's sometimes difficult when decorating a room to decice exactly what type of paintings and art should be in your room. This can be especially true when deciding for your living room.

The best type of painting for your living room is the one which compliments the decor and style of the room while making a statement about yourself and provokes interest and curiosity from your viewers. Younger people would probably prefer something bold and vibrant while older people might like something more calming.

How To Choose Paintings For Living Room?

If you have already decided on a color scheme for your room then you will need to match your wall art to your chosen scheme. You will need to take into account which walls are going to be used for art and how large those areas are.

You might need to consider larger art to appoint to larger areas or multiple pieces of art hung in interesting arrangements.

You will need to think about whether you are going to have lanscape art which can make the room look wider and lower or poratrait format art which can seem to squeeze the room tighter together and bring more focus to a particular area.

Which Wall Art Is Good For A Living Room?

In a room where you are spending a large amount of time and possibly entertaining guests and visitors, you will want art that is well presented and of high quality.

Any of the following subjects are good for living room.

  • Animals and the natural world
  • Modern art and pop art
  • Retro or architectural art
  • Country scenes
  • Land and sea scapes
  • People
  • Maps

As well as the artwork itself you will want to spend time on deciding on how you are going to frame the artwork or painting and how exactly you are going to hang it.

How Many Paintings Should Be In A Living Room?

While it is always fun to explore your creatives side, too many paintings or other types of art can make a room seem cluttered an disorganised.

The best way to work out how many paintings you should have on a wall is to get some friends to help out and hold up the art to the wall while you step back and take a look. You want to be absolutely sure you know where the paitings are going to hang before you start drilling holes.


The best type of painting or art for your living room is that one that inspire you and makes you feel great about the space you are living in. You can be guided by others but ultimately its your decision.

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